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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Subpoenas in Arbitration: Not as Easy as One Would Think

Posted in Construction, Construction Contracts

Numerous construction contracts and subcontracts include provisions requiring the parties to arbitrate their disputes, either in lieu of litigation or as a condition precedent to trial.  Arbitration is a preferred means of alternative dispute resolution as it minimizes the time and expense of litigation and, in some cases, a jury trial.  One example of costs… Continue Reading

Bid Shopping Still in Vogue, Ask the Subcontractor

Posted in Architects, Bids, Construction, Construction Contracts, Contractors, Subcontractors

            The crude reality for most construction subcontractors is that after expending much time, effort and resources in preparing the lowest bid for a general contractor that is, itself, bidding a construction project, the general contractor will take the lowest subcontractor bid and go bid shopping after it is awarded the contract. A subcontractor’s conditional… Continue Reading